Ariana Borah

Pet Sitter

Ariana has been a professional pet sitter for Tip of the Tail since February 2014. She is a native Vermonter. She grew up around dogs and farm animals. She also owned a horse until she was 23 years old. She competed in horse shows around Vermont with her horse, Pride. Ariana graduated with a BS in Nutrition from Keene State College in May 2010. Pet sitting has always been a part of Ariana's life. She is happy to be able to continue pet sitting for Tip of the Tail.

Tip of the Tail's Team:

Janna Cutler


Janna Cutler is the owner of Tip of the Tail. She has grown up giving care to all animals and has been pet sitting and dog walking her entire life. She has always been a volunteer at her local animal shelters. Volunteering as a dog walker really helped Janna gain a lot of unique experience with many different breeds of dogs. Growing up with animals and advocating for animal rights helped prove that Janna appreciates and shows compassion towards all living things. She has her own six year old Lab mix, Kaali. Janna is passionate about animals and believes that pets help improve our overall health and well-being.

Thank you to Keilani Lime for taking this picture of Janna and Kaali!

Samantha Crosby

Owner, tip of the tail, too

Sam began working for Tip of the Tail in February 2014. She has always loved animals and strongly believes in their unique ability to improve people's lives. From gentile giants to spunky wee ones, she loves them all. Sam majored in English and Women's Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She is confident in her ability to communicate with both animals and their humans. Her goals involve helping the community in any way she can. As of June 2016, Sam is the proud owner of Tip of the Tail, Too. She and Janna work closely together to provide the best care and services to our clients. 

Nicole Curler

Pet Care Manager

Nicole Curler is Tip of the Tail's Pet Care Manager. She has been with Tip of the Tail since January, 2013. Along with dog walking and pet sitting, she completed a 420 hour grooming course at Bow Meow Pet Grooming School in 2010. She has been a professional groomer since 2010. She is also a Vet Assistant at a local Vet Office. Animals have always been a part of Nicole's life and they will always be a part of her career.